If you are a Bills fan you got used to celebrating Victory Mondays after every Bills' win this season, but even after a loss in the AFC Championship game last night, today is still a Victory Monday.

Sure it is not your typical Victory Monday but the Buffalo Bills, Bills Mafia, and people in Western New York should still feel good today.

While we look forward to next season, let's look back at all the good the Buffalo Bills brought to us in 2020, one of the hardest years we ever had to deal win.

During the pandemic with most of us stuck at home and only venturing out to the grocery store, we still have a feeling of community when you said "Go Bills" while passing someone in the aisle.

We know that Buffalo is known as "The City of Good Neighbors" but now the rest of the country knows too because of the Bills.

First, it was thousands of dollars in honor of former Bill Ryan Fitzpatrick. Then it was over a million dollars of donations to Oishei Children's hospital in honor of Josh Allen's late grandma. Of course, there were donations to Lamar Jackson's charity and more donations to Josh Norman's "Buffalo Business Blitz" foundation.

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We celebrate "Victory Monday" because of the feelings that younger Bills fans had a chance to feel this year. From winning the AFC East Championship to winning a home playoff game, these were firsts for a lot of younger fans. Parents had a chance to relive the glory days of the '90s with their kids and now the kids know that winning feeling.

The final reason to celebrate "Victory Monday" is because the Buffalo Bills and the Bills Mafia means family. Thru the ups and downs, we saw the love of the players for each other shine into our community. Players had embraced Buffalo and love being part of this blue-collar town and we fans have embraced the players because of this.

So while this isn't' your typical "Victory Monday" know that we should still celebrate everything the Bills have brought to use this season.

Remember world, We are back...deal with it!


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