If you say it and put it out in the universe, it usually just happens in real life. So here we are. Putting it out there that the Buffalo Bills are going to be going to the Super Bowl in Los Angeles in 2022.

The stadium in LA, SoFi Stadium, announced on Twitter this week that the Super Bowl is locked in for February 13, 2022. So, we did the math now for you, so you know what you can expect when you decide to to to the Super Bowl to see the Buffalo Bills play.

Keep in mind, if you just book a hotel and flights (as long as it is refundable) you can book it early *just in case*

Here is what the pricing would be: 

Now, if you went to check in on the Wednesday before the Super Bowl, you would pay $219 a night, as of right now at the Westin Airport Hotel. You don't have to stay 5 nights, but if you're flying all the way across the country you might as well go early to catch all the pre-Super Bowl celebrations. Plus, you need to give yourself some time to adjust from the East Coast time difference.  So staying for 5 nights, you would pay $1,095.

When looking into your flights, you typically can get a flight 6 months out, so if you book early enough our approximation will put you somewhere in the 500 to 600 dollar range for a round trip flight from Buffalo to LAX.

All in all, you're looking at approximately $1600-$1700 for travel and stay accommodations.

Go Bills.

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