Back to school time for kids across Western New York. The trusty backpack usually carries most kids books and school supplies they would need throughout the day. But there is a limit on how much a child's backpack should weigh.

Dr. Nick Jones, a doctor here in WNY, explains to WIVB that a backpack should weight no more than five to 10 percent of their body weight

For instance, if they're 100 pounds, than no more than 10 pounds of weight in the backpack.

“At this time, it’s so important for kids because their posture is developing, their spine is developing, their body is developing still, and if we’re adding all this extra weight, all these extra forces onto their spine, that’s going to cause changes,” Dr. Nick Jones said. “And that is going to lead to problems down the road like disc issues, and pain and headaches.”

Dr. Jones advised against using chest straps, as that also stunts growth in the shoulders. He added to make sure the straps are tight and the backpack is flat along the back.

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