I didn't even think about what things might happen with our toddler when we change the clocks back this weekend. The fall-back may present some challenges that I feel we have moved past over the last few months.

Like many parents, we have a dinner-bath-bedtime routine for our son Hank. Dinner at 6:30 (ish) followed by some playtime and bath at 730 (ish) then bedtime around 8 (ish). When we set the clocks back and the winter approaches, there is a new challenge to that routine. How does a family with little kids prepare? I did the digging and found a few experts tips.

Most of the sites I found make it clear to begin the adjustment prior to the actual clocks going back. That means, this week, start getting things done a bit earlier. We set our clocks BACK one hour this Saturday night/Sunday morning and although it is just one hour, parents know that can be looooooong time.

Like any new adjustment, there will be some issues. We are expecting Hank to be a bit grumpy and perhaps a bit stubborn when we get going with things this week. He loves routine and the earlier bedtime may be challenging the first time.

According to a blog on WesternUnion.com:

..it’s important not to plan any late-night activities that could contribute to losing sleep in the week or so before the big day. It would also be best to avoid planning travel during that time if you can, so you can ease into the time change with as little disruption to the normal routine as possible.

Making the room darker earlier is also a tip that appears frequently. But above all, patience is the key. I have had to really make strides in that department since I became a father. Because of what I do, I like things to be perfect and timed out exact. That just doesn't happen with a child under 2.

I guess the adjustment won't just be for Hank, we will also have to be prepared for a few less z's.



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