The gun violence in the city has been the worst I have ever seen in Buffalo in a very long time. Blame the issue on whatever you want, but the bottom line is, residents in the city of Buffalo have been pushed to their limit, and now enough is enough. There were seven people shot in a 10 hour period and three of the people were killed according to WIVB. Now, Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown has asked for increased police patrols in the high crime areas of the city.

Just recently three people were shot and killed in a house on Ashley Street and the violence continues with a man being shot and killed in the Filmore and Ferry area of Buffalo. There are other people that have been in this city a long time as well like, some of the community activists that are pleading with people in the community to put the guns down. It is really bad when innocent people start getting hit with bullets.

As Mayor, I understand that public safety is paramount, and I have asked Buffalo Police Commissioner Byron Lockwood to increase police patrols throughout the city to help keep our residents safe from this senseless violence. My thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families.

Said, Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown.

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In my experience, the summertime is when there are more things happening and more opportunities for people to be involved in violent activity. Now that summer has just begun, I really hope that we can get a handle on this situation.

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