It's on the way, for sure! Here's when to be ready.

Officials are calling the weather to take a turn on Wednesday all the way through the weekend for the first time of the year. Some significant lake effect snow is coming our way starting Wednesday morning, but it sounds like a Wednesday night is when it will cause some problems on the roads.

On Wednesday morning, winds will align over Lake Erie and begin to generate bands of lake effect snow. Initially, the snow will be light to moderate, but later Wednesday through Thursday, snowfall rates may intensify and make travel very difficult.


Another weaker area of low pressure will pass to our south on Friday. That will quell the lake effect for a bit but more widespread light snow is possible as that storm passes by. Behind it though, round two of lake effect snow will likely crank back up for Saturday and Sunday", according to WGRZ.

We may just find our winner of the 'You Snow It's Coming Contest'! Contestants were assigned a day on the calendar. If the first inch of snow falls on your day, you win a brand new snowblower from Lakeshore Hardware and Tool Rental!

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