Many people picked up interesting hobbies during the pandemic, and as the ways we spend our time increasingly change -- maybe you're looking for a new outlet or something...different.

Did you know you can learn circus arts right here in Western New York?

If you've ever been in the audience at the circus and thought to yourself -- how does someone learn how to do that? Here's the first step in that answer.

There are two places in Buffalo that are currently offering classes in what we'd call the circus arts -- anything from trapeze, to hooping, juggling, aerial acrobatics with hoops and silks, to "object manipulation."

The Bird's Nest is one of those places, and according to their website, are not currently offering their regular classes, but are "offering private lessons, mini-classes, virtual classes and open practices."

This is my incredibly athletic friend Michelle, who regularly has the most impressive videos on my Instagram feed.

But the website for The Birds Nest, and another local studio, Aerial Dance Buffalo, all say that beginners learning at a beginner level are welcome.

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According to The Bird's Nest:

"Circus Arts that are accessible for everyone regardless of body type, age, income, or ability. From acrobatics, aerial arts, hooping, strength & flexibility training, to dance, The Bird’s Nest aims to create a safe space that promotes health through non-conventional ways of moving and collaboration."

At both of these studios, you can learn some pretty cool tricks. Instructors at these places give courses in trapeze (how cool), lyra and silks (think P!nk's live concert performances).


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