Steve Barnes spoke out yesterday about what's happening and why here....and this seems like a bad dating relationship, kind of break up. One wants out, the doesn't.

Kind of interesting, too.

  • The past 3 years, Cellino has voiced his thoughts and ideas to help improve the firm, but they were all denied.
  • Cellino apparently wants out and wants to start a firm with his kids.
  • Barnes has already started his own firm by himself (really a California based company that Cellino once owned but does not anymore).
  • Steve Barnes has stated he wants to keep working with Cellino as Cellino and Barnes.
  • Any suggestion Cellino makes can be vetoed by Barnes.

The duo was in court yesterday in front of a judge whether or not to break up.

Ross has been my friend for over 25 years. I know we could still work together for the benefit of our clients. We've got a tremendous team of attorneys and staff. We've built something amazing together. We've spent over $100 million over the past 25 years promoting our law firm and our brand. It would be wrong to break that up. I know Ross has a burning desire to start a law firm with his kids. There are things we could talk about. We’ve built this organization together. People see our images together — our two heads — and recognize us right away. There are other possibilities that we've never even talked about. Breaking the firm apart, there's no guarantee that is going to work", according to the Buffalo News.

It's no secret that one of the most successful law firms in the country, the Western New York rooted Cellion and Barnes has had a rocky year, as their firm has gone to court because they may be 'breaking up'


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