If you're an HGTV junkie or you just love Buffalo then you need to watch Risky Builders tonight! Local Buffalonians Lorissa Naugle, Chris Naugle, and Blair Rusin are chasing a dream to have a series on HGTV and you can help! The show was hit locally when it aired for the first time and now they need it to be a hit again!

The show will air tonight (8/9) on HGTV at 11 pm. If you can't watch it like make sure you DVR it and watch it within 24 hours! If the show gets good ratings on this viewing it could be picked up by the network as a series! Not only would it be cool to see Buffalo on TV all the time but it could also mean great things for the community and local economy too. The standard example would be how one simple show like Fixer Upper was able to help rejuvenate the town of Waco and make it a travel destination.

Lorissa, Chris, and Blair stopped but the studio to chat with us about how the path they took to get a show and why you need to watch tonight!

Risky Builders on HGTV at 11 pm tonight (8/9)! Make sure you set your DVRs and watch within 24 hours!

Learn more about the show HERE.

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