There is always something majestic and mysterious about a ghost town. That's in part because of old stories and movies, which depicted ghost towns like the old west, with abandoned storefronts and such. However, most ghost towns (which do exist) feature nothing more than building foundations and abandoned buildings which have since been claimed back by nature.

Here in New York State, there are quite a few ghost towns that have been made famous years after they were abandoned.

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The most famous might be Tahawus, NY, which is a ghost town that has buildings remaining and even some ghost stories to go along with it.

But there are many more ghost towns in New York and some ghost towns in the state are very well hidden. In fact, the vast majority of residents may not even realize there's there -- hidden in woods or forests and nothing more than an old off-the-beaten-path road or no road at all in order to reach the town.

There are three very fascinating towns in New York State that are pretty well hidden and one that is so well hidden, there's no easy way to get there, as it's a good two miles in walking distance.

A special thanks to Money IncOnly In Your State, WGRZ and Ghost Towns of New York for the fascinating information regarding these three hidden ghost towns in the State of New York.

Three Hidden Ghost Towns in New York State

Three amazingly mysterious ghost towns in New York State.

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