Yesterday we showed you a stocking that you could fill with 3 bottles of wine and we thought we'd seen everything.  Then we woke up today to find this.

You've seen it sold in packets that you have to mix, in bottles,'s even been sold in kegs.  But this one is new.

This year, Hidden Valley is selling stockings filled with Ranch dressing.

Your holiday salad will never be dry an boring as long as you have one of these in your house.  It looks like a regular stocking, only it's plastic, it has a spout at the top, and it's filled with 52 ounces of that creamy delicious ranch dressing.

So if you're looking for a perfect gift for a huge ranch fan (like Rob Banks), you're going to want to preorder yours now.  It's only $35!!

Last year the kegs sold out quickly.  I wouldn't wait on this one.  It could go pretty quickly...

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