We have all heard the outrage lately over the cost of gas.  Prices hit an all-time high earlier this month here in Western New York. The problem is, gas isn't the only thing that has seen an increase in pricing since the pandemic started.  Our beloved chicken wings are now selling for as high as $1.89 per wing!

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The other day, I actually went into a Wegmans to do my grocery shopping.  Since the pandemic started, I have been almost exclusively using curbside pickup options whenever possible.  But it was an off time, and the store looked empty, so I decided to go in and actually shop for my groceries.

After shopping on Instacart for a while, you start to really ignore the prices, and just order what you need, and get on with your day.  But, when I walked into Wegmans, what I saw really shocked me.

The increases have been gradual over the last two years, but now in 2022, there are several items that have doubled in price, or in some cases more than that, since the pandemic began.

As I started to walk the isles, I started to take note of all the things I saw that had really jumped up in price.  When I got home I did some research to see what they cost before all of this began, and what I found was even more shocking.

It's no wonder why my Instacart bills felt like it was really high, for the amount of groceries that I was getting.  It's because so many items had nearly doubled in price.

So here are 9 common grocery items that I found, that have doubled in price since 2019.

Common Items that Have Doubled In Price

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