So there I am looking at YouTube on my phone looking to kill time at the dentists office when, what's this?  A video of Buffalo in the Winter of 1945!  (Video credit to jmv123 via YouTube)

Being an admirer of history, I started to think, what's the furthest back I can recall in regards to Buffalo winter storms and blizzards?

Obviously there is the most recent Snowvember Snow Storm from 2014, October Surprise in 2006 and going further back there is the Blizzard of '93, and the most well-known Blizzard of '77.  Are there blizzards and snow storms BEFORE 1977 that were as the ones mentioned?

So I did some research (obviously after the dentist - no cavities!) and there are in fact at least 3 storms that could make the list!  (Kudos before hand to the Buffalo News for aiding my research.) Check it out:

1.  The "White Hurricane" from November 1913.  80-mph winds!  35 ft waves from Lake Erie!  The Buffalo News informs us that Six Coast Guard men lost their lives trying to warn others, an estimated 240 people died from this storm.

2.  8. The St. Patrick’s Day storm in 1936. 19 inches of snow was dumped on Buffalo, The accumulation was so heavy that streetcar service that had been popular at the time had ceased, according to the National Weather Service.

3.  10. The Ice Storm of 1976.  Another storm that hit in early March.  Tens of thousands lost their  power for days. This would probably be more well known but we all know the storm that hit the following year!

Do you remember these storms?  Let us know!  Share your thoughts.

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