It's kind of known as "the other Buffalo Staple."  Aside from wings, beef on weck is the other dish that just screams Buffalo and Western New York.  But do you know how to make your own?

I mean, we claim that beef on weck is totally Western New York, but how many Western New Yorkers could actually make it themselves from scratch?  I mean, anyone can put meat on a sandwich.  I would guess you can make a roast beef sandwich.  But can you cook the meat to perfection and make your own roll so that it passes the inspection of the pickiest Buffalonian?

This post came from a guy on Reddit that claimed to be feeling homesick, so he made some homemade beef on weck.  He calls himself "Meaty Mike" and he's got a YouTube page that is full of some outside the box recipes for smoking just about everything from beef and chicken to wild game and stuff like bacon wrapped grilled cheese!

Normally beef on weck is made with roast beef.  But Meaty Mike doesn't roll like that.  He loves meat and he loves to use his smoker.  So this will be smoked beef on weck...

We tend to take it for granted that we can just go to a store and kummelweck rolls or just head over to Charlie The Butcher to get some incredible beef to stack high on those rolls.

So if you're out of town and feeling a little homesick, don't feel like you can't get a little taste of home wherever you are.  Fire up your smoker and get to it!


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