If you're like me you don't "have number" for the Powerball. You don't play enough to have a strategy or to really know what you're doing. When the jackpot gets high enough you walk in and ask for a ticket.

However, if you do have numbers that you play every time there is a website that will tell you how how much you could have won or how much you have lost but not playing. The website will calculate your numbers all the way back to 1997.


You just put your numbers in and hope the number that comes out doesn't make you regret how much you've spent or missed out on in the past years. It also might show you how much money you've saved by not playing the lottery depending on how much those numbers have been worth.

So how much do you think you've lost OR saved in the past years?

Did your numbers have any big winners? Are you glad you have't been playing a much as you used to? Let us know below!


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