The heat and humidity will peak over the next few days! get ready for heat index near 100 degrees.

You may notice that your toilet and floor around it are getting wet. That's right; sweaty toilet!

I found a few ways to help keep the sweaty toilet tank to a minimum. The best thing you can do is limit the amount of warm air that gets to the bathroom. Keep the window closed if you have one and keep the bathroom fan running.

According to wikiHow:

 Even if the wetness does not bother you, the perspiring tank can drip water down onto the floor and, over time, cause damage to your flooring and subfloor.

The heat and humidity can also increase the risk for your bathroom to grow mold. If you can wipe down walls after a shower or try to keep the steam to a minimum, it can be very helpful in preventing mold growth in hot weather.


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