We all know that one person that when they sneeze it is like a freight train is coming through the office.

So we are here to help! There are several tips from The Wall Street Journal, that you can pass along to that person (or you know,  try them yourself) to help keep the sneeze volume to a decent level.

1. Use a thick handkerchief instead of a tissue. The fabric muffles the sound.

2. Hold your breath right before the onset of a sneeze. That can possibly interrupt the body's coordinated reflex.

3. Cough simultaneously as you sneeze. This also lessens the reflex while decreasing the volume.

4. Clench your teeth and jaw, which suppresses the sound. Keep your lips open to prevent air-pressure buildup.

5. Put your index finger at the base of your nose and push up slightly. This can suppress a sneeze or reduce its severity.



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