Human trafficking is real and is something you should be aware of for your sake and for the sake of those you love. Human trafficking is categorized into either sex or labor trafficking. I read a story from Channel 7 WKBW this past January about Human trafficking and the fact that According to Erie County Sheriff’s Office, in 2016 there were 96 trafficking cases reported in Western New York. More than half were sex trafficking cases.  Despite the bad rap Facebook has been getting recently, it is still a site that helps people share needed information with others.

I saw on Facebook this post about something that happened in the Williamsville - Clarence area recently.  The post was written by a concerned daughter who shares the story of her mom being approached by three individuals in a Walmart store.  The individuals try to convince this woman to walk with them to their car so they could share religious materials they had for her.  Luckily this woman smelled trouble and alerted store personnel who removed the three individuals from the Walmart.

This post is a good reminder to follow your gut, be aware of your surroundings and to alert proper authorities if you believe something is off or wrong. If you know someone who’s a victim or you’re victim yourself, you are urged to call the National Human Trafficking Hotline at 1-888-373-7888 or Crime Stoppers at 716-867-6161.

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