This is your chance! If you missed your opportunity to an extra in 'A Quiet Place: Part 2', which was mainly filmed here in Western New York, you have another show to be in a feature film and get paid!

There is a new movie that is looking for A LOT of extras, even kids as well.

Will you get paid for being an extra in this film? Yes! 

Here's what they're looking for, according to WGRZ:

  • Italian and Latino children between ages 8-15, women ages 18-30 and men ages 18-75.
  • They're also looking for Italian or Latino families and white men and women 18-75 years old.

"Cabrini" is the name of the film and will be shot over various spots in Buffalo. Here is where you can apply to become an extra! 

The movie is about an immigrant from Italy who came to New York City in the 1890s. Her name was Francesca Cabrini, a nun and social activist who empowered women and was an activist of immigrant rights in the United States. Now, the movie is going to be filmed in Italy and New York City mainly and some scenes in Buffalo. In fact, the production company is actually building a set to look like New York City buildings. The filming will take place in downtown Buffalo.

But, why would they film here in Western New York if they are already going to be in New York City?

They chose Buffalo because of the locations and the people and it best exemplifies the transition of 1890's which they could do here," said Frank Rossi, casting director for 'Cabrini.' "The buildings here are quaint but it's a gorgeous setting to compliment the film. It just works beautifully. They love coming here because everybody is so helpful. It's wonderful, it's a great city and that's what everybody sees from Hollywood.

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