This is pretty incredible! If you need more room and have a building in the way, just get 200 or more of your friends and get ready to lift!
This video has been floating around Facebook. It is a group of Amish men who are helping to lift and move a barn uphill! When I heard about it I wondered what that might look like? Exactly what you are thinking. Almost like a army of ants underneath a very large barn.
I have always had such a great respect for the Amish. They have stuck to their way of life and it's simplicity even when the world is exactly the opposite. I have often said the world could fall apart and the Amish will be there to rebuild.
Videos like this prove the teamwork method is the best way to get something done. It is a real life "strength in numbers!"

My wife and i have been looking for some land and much of what we have seen is farm land that the Amish have owned. To see the work that can be done with just basic tools and sweat is amazing.

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