Wine making is my newest hobby. I made my first batch of wine last year. It was a French Concord and I was delightfully surprised at how it turned out. My brother in law said it was the best homemade wine he had ever tasted. Many of my other friends also gave it many compliments. Receiving all these accolades gave me the confidence to continue, so this year I made two different kinds of wine: French Concord and Ives. Last Fall, when I went to get my juice at Walker Brothers in Forestville, I knew I was going to do another French Concord but was undecided on my second selection. One of the workers at Walker Brothers suggested I try making "Ives". It's a red wine and she told me it was her husband's favorite. After letting the wine ferment in my basement for a little longer than six months, I bottled the Ives last night. The consensus from my wife and children was Two Thumbs Up. I think we have another winner. Later this week I will be bottling my French Concord. I am so pleased with my wine making experience that next year I am going to make even more. My plan is to do four batches and possibly a blend where you mix two different types of juice to create something completely new.

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