Stags, Meat Raffles, Lawn could go a lot of places and you may have to explain what some of these are to them. I was shocked to learn that these are real big Buffalo-area things or at least in the Northeast.


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    Buffalo has taken the wedding game to a different level. The bachelor usually has a single night out with his guys on their bachelor party---not anymore. Now, there may be bachelor party, a trip somewhere and a stag--where money is actually raised for the groom. Apparently, it was a Canadian tradition that has trickled down across the border.

    Most out-of-towners have gone for a bachelor night out, but never a fundraiser for the guy.

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    Meat Raffles

    It has become one of the most common, fun fundraisers in Western New York that have really taken off. I mean, it sounds exactly like a Buffalo thing--lets spin a wheel and give away strip steaks and pizza rolls while we get drunk on pitchers of beer in the middle of a firehall.

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    Lawn Fetes

    I had no clue that lawn fetes were really a 'Buffalo' thing. Of course, all over there are carnivals--but, actually lawn fetes? That's not really as big thing anywhere else really in America. The typical fundraiser, you'll see raffles, games and beer tents and cover bands--yeah lots of those plopt in a parking lot or field.

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    Garage Living Rooms

    Cue everyone in South Buffalo and Cheektowaga. The capitol of the the Polish Living Room.

    Urban Dictionary: An open garage in which a carpet has been laid down and a screen door installed. Common during the summertime in Western New York to provide a cool loungingarea protected from the weather and insects. These temporary rooms often include couches and televisions to facilitate relaxation.

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    Pulling Out The Knife

    We had no idea this was just a local thing. After going to cut the first piece of the birthday cake, the person who has the next birthday pulls the knife out and makes a wish.

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    Throwing People Through Tables

    ...okay. We had to put that one in there--it gets way too much national attention. After all, it is extremely bizarre that an entire city can be that well known for breaking tables. Listen to how ridiculous that sounds lol

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