Ok Ok. So there are a bunch of new artists that come in and out of country music. It really can be hard to keep track or remember all of them. Working at WYRK, we get a chance to see and meet and hear most of them. Even I have a hard time keeping up.It seems that more and more they sound the same to me. I always try to find people who are different. Not only in style but in voice.Then there are those singers that resemble other stars. Past or present. The first time I hear Glen Templeton, I was blown away. he not only sings like Conway Twitty. He SOUNDS just like Conway.

This is a tough blog because I can't truly explain what it means to SOUND like Conway. There is something about his voice that was just different.It had it's own range and sound. There are some guitar players that have done things mechanically to their guitars to get them to be unique. Eddie Van Halen would take a tool such a drill to his  to get that Van Halen sound.

Stars like Easton Corbin who is often compared to George Strait will tell you that it is flattering that people suggest that. But, they want to be known for their own individual talent. We lost Conway years ago. Many of today's early country fans may not know of his music or that SOUND> Well as a HUGE fan of Twitty's music, I am pleased to say that that sound lives on in Glen Templeton. If I were Glen I wouldn't be only flattered. I would feel blessed!

Take a listen to 3 minutes of greatness!

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