Duff's Famous Wings has come under fire on social media this week over an incident that happened at the Orchard Park location on Monday.  A veteran with a service dog was denied service because the manager told him dogs were not allowed inside the restaurant. 

Even after the manager was given information and documentation that the dog was his service animal and by Federal and New York State law the vet had a right to have his service animal accompany him, the manager continued to insist that the dog was not allowed inside.

The reaction on Facebook has been overwhelmingly negative toward Duff's, but is that fair?  It was a terrible way for a veteran to be treated, but why blame Duff's?  In my view it was an uninformed manager who should take the blame for this.  If you want to blame Duff's for anything, they're guilty of hiring someone to act as manager who's incapable of making the right decision.

Duff's has five locations in the Buffalo area, one in Rochester, one in Georgia, one in Texas and two in Toronto and I bet this vet's experience would have been different at any one of them.  Still the calls have been coming to boycott Duff's because of this incident.

Duff's on Tuesday issued a public apology on Facebook

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