If you have some items in your house and you're thinking: 'hey, I wonder how I can get rid of this since we can't throw it out in the garbage'. Well, Erie County is making it happen later this month and they're making it easy for you by location. There will be an option easier for the the southtowns and then the northtowns.

If you have pesticides, fertilizers, pool cleaners, oil based paints or spray paints, gas, fire extinguishers or any of these items on the list below, you can set up with a time with Erie County to give visit them and recycle all of your items. But, double check the items you certainly can't bring as well. Don't get there and be stuck with it!

The Southtowns are getting their chance soon, on June 27 but you have to make an appointment first.

Or if you're in the Northtowns, you can participate in the Erie County Residential Household Hazardous Waste Collection starting on the 15th. You'll have to get a voucher to go visit the recycling location and you'll be able to bring up to 50 pounds to Tonawanda. Don't worry--it's free.

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