Summertime is the time of the year that more people are on the road than at any other point of the year.

People have been cooped up all winter and into the spring, so the next two months are the time of the year for people to get outside; vacations, weekend getaways, leaving work early, etc.

If you live in cities like Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse, then you know about the problem of illegal ATV's and dirt bikes on roadways. In Buffalo, Memorial Day Weekend has been the weekend that illegal ATV's and dirt bikes have taken the roads, which has caused frustration for police and motorists. It's extremely dangerous for others on the road, as well as those using the illegal ATV's and dirt bikes.

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One Rochester suburb police department has taken necessary action to combat the illegal use of the off-road vehicles, with something that is better equipped to chase down lawbreakers.

The Irondequoit Police Department announced last week they have unveiled new four-wheeler vehicles to help crack down on off-road vehicles in the Rochester area.

The new vehicles are designed to go places that traditional police vehicles cannot go to, in order to apprehend those who are illegally using ATV's and dirt bikes.

Illegal ATV’s and dirt bikes weave in and out of traffic on major roadways, which is a huge safety issue. Chasing them down in police cars adds to the danger. That’s what the Irondequoit Police Department has created these four-wheelers.

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