I know I told you I take my son to all kind of wonderful churches AND to a sunset on Lake Erie occasionally to worship the heavens, but I was raised seriously Catholic. Starting with St. Vincent de Paul Grade School, on, Catholic. I love their communities in Buffalo and ran into many ashy-foreheaded, kindred friends on Ash Wednesday.

Holy Angels Church

Holy Angels was the first church I attended when moving here. It's one of the oldest churches in Buffalo and many of my Italian West-Side radio friends went here! It's very beautiful.

I have decided to forego the sanctity of the confessional and share with you a recent Repentance at Holy Angels on Porter, below...

Holy Angels 1
Holy Angels 2


Me: "Bless me Father for I have sinned. Been 5 yrs since my last confession."

Padre: "Why?"
Me: "Because I'm a really good person mostly."
Padre: "Me too, but I go at least every 5 weeks."
Me. "We're talking about me now.  (He laughed) ok, so lately I've just been very sad and mad at this crazy world. Hard to find His peace. So that's the small stuff. Here's why I'm here: An acquaintance really ticked me off, and I wished them dead. Morto! Now...if I was Jewish that wouldn't matter because I would never ACT on that. But I remember Sister Mary Agnes said just THINKING that was a mortal sin dammit, so that's why I'm here."

I got off light for Penance. My soul is all clean and shiny!  Now...on to find the best fish-fry on WYRK.com...



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