My heart has been breaking for Texas and I HAD to do something. Many YRK listeners felt the same way and gave way over the $5.00 admission tonight. It was truly an honor to meet's y'all.  So great at The Sportsman's to see everyone come together. As I welcomed folks and thanked them for coming to support the Red Cross, I heard story after story from parents who's son works for the Houston Fire Department to "My Aunt Livvy was one of the seniors in the wheelchairs with water to her waist." Oh dear God! There really is no degree of separation between Western New Yorkers and the rest of this country.

I listened. I hugged them. I clogged with them to an Allman Brothers tune by the AMAZING "Twang Gang"!! (I took ibuprofen after that)  ;-)

And Dwane, who owns Sportsman's Tavern...he gave everything made Tuesday to Red Cross for YRK. It was a tiny place where all the best musicians hung out 25 years ago when I first moved to Buffalo.These musicians I saw are ALL in the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame now. Sportsman's also was within staggering distance of my home! HEH! Suffice it to say I know this place well! lol. Thanks Dwane and sons! You ROCK.

Texas Relief. Clay , me and the WYRK crew
Texas Relief with Dale & Randy. 80 YEARS of radio between us!
Texas Relief with Dwane's sons
Texas Relief, out of focus cuz Gail, Pat and I were CLOGGING!

The WYRK Crew had lots of swag and there was a 50/50 drawing. Clay, Dale, Bill (YRK's Digital Guru), and our crew did everything we could to make folks feel the good stuff, and less afraid for this country we love. You see, many of our own TownSquare Media family are right in the heart of this disaster. It's personal.

This article from the NY Times tells you how to donate and not get scammed!

Thank you SO much for coming out!

We'll get through this, together.

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