Weddings are always such joyful occasions! Everyone decked out in their finest attire celebrating nothing but love.

When my sister went to England on a theatre class trip, she came home a full-fledged Anglophile and in turn, she has turned me into a lover of all things Monarchy as well.

Yes! I was up at 4:30 am to celebrate with Harry and Meghan, and much of the world. I wore my finest (and only) fancy hat. My boy and I made a fancy fascinator out of a paper plater for Auntie Ree.

Fancy hats!

In the meantime, we feasted on all things British for our morning fare: Scotch eggs! (Soft or hard-boiled eggs, shelled and surrounded with a sausage stuffing, then baked or fried) Clotted cream (kind of like whipping cream and rich creamy butter all blended together) and vanilla bean scones with lemon curd. WOW it was good!

Royal wedding feast

During the ceremony, Marie would regale me with British trivia like, "Harry & Meghan just found out today on their wedding day that they would be The Duke & Duchess of Sussex." Fascinating in her fascinator!

Lovely day for the wedding celebration and LONG LIVE LOVE!


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