Last year, a similar instance like this happened and it cost a hospital in $17,000 in ransom money.

Early in the morning on Sunday, ECMC shut down all of their computer systems down after a virus and attack was discovered. The virus was detected in the e-mail system and in order to prevent and other break-in's, the IT department decided to shut down the computer systems, forcing doctors and personel to go back to the old way of doing things: by hand and on paper.

Therefore, if you need to get a hold of them you'll need to call: 716-898-5500. They're not the only organization with this attack, though.

a library in St. Louis, to light rail in San Francisco, to a county attorney's office in Arizona,  to a police department in Missouri. have all been hacked with actual ransom requests from the hackers to restore or release information. Last year a hospital in California paid $17,000 dollars to do so. So did it happen here? ECMC's spokesman responded this way "We have concerns about the motivation that lead to this virus and we are working with the appropriate agencies. To determine the validity of whatever information we've received as a result of this virus coming into our system", according to WGRZ.

The spokesperson did say that they do not think any patient records were take, but an analysis which will take a couple of more days will double check the situation. The FBI is now involved.

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