Valentine's Day can be a touchy subject! Some people DO NOT celebrate the holiday and some people go over the top with their celebrations. It probably won't surprise you that actual data brings us closer than you think to the split down the middle on the "romantic" holiday".

In a recent study by Ebates, the discovered that 64% of people plan to celebrate Valentine's Day which means that a whopping 46% will not. When you ask some people who don't celebrate the holiday they site that they don't need one day to show their love and that it's just a money grab. However, the people that do celebrate - the most common way is to celebrate with a nice dinner.

How about proposing on Valentine's Day? Is that a no go zone? Is it romantic? According to Ebates, it's pretty close to a split down the middle again. 48% of people this that a Valentine's Proposal IS romantic?

What do you think? Do you celebrate the holiday and would you ever propose or accept a proposal on Valentine's Day?


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