How much should we be tipping for curbside pickup. It's been the new normal during COVID-19, and it's something I keep finding myself struggling with. We eat out a lot...more than we probably should and I never want to jip someone out of a tip that they deserve.

But, how much do they actually deserve.

I'm assuming they didn't cook the food themselves and that whoever brings the order to me just boxed it up and brought it to the car. So, how much does that deserve? Is it the same rule as doubling the tax? What does the person bringing out my food think they should get?

I went to go get food the other day from Britesmith on Main Street in Williamsville and if you have no gone yet you have to try this place out. It's in my Top 5 places to go, it's a brand new brewery, but the food is out of this world. Anyway, I ordered 2 meals and we went to go pick it up curbside and it wasn't ready so we went to sit at the outside bar for a bit.

When the food came out I completely forgot that I had to give a tip and as the girl was standing there waiting for me to sign it I just gave her 2 bucks. Appropriate? Should I have given more? Here's what people thought:

There is obviously 2 sides to this.

1.) Some people think that it is indeed a service and the service industry is hurting and we should do our part and help out and give a decent sized tip.

2.) Others think that a dollar or two is sufficient for boxing up the food and bringing it out the door.

What's your choice?

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