Weddings are the best. Whether you're going for a family member, co-worker, or friend's wedding, they're fun and feature so many aspects that invite good times.

I was at a wedding this past Saturday and it went as perfectly as you could imagine. Perfect weather, happy guests, and lots of great food, drinks, and dancing.

One of the things I've been noticing lately with weddings happens after the dancing has begun, or maybe the dancing and music have been going on for a while.

I'm talking about the added "wedding enhancement" of bringing out a second dinner to the guests on the dance floor. It's usually something fun, too.

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For this wedding I attended on Saturday, the venue brought out burgers and fries. People went crazy for it and honestly, I think they were more excited for the burgers and fries than they were for the actual dinner.

Do other places around the country do this? I know Buffalo has some of their own wedding traditions, such as playing the Bills Shout Song (I mean, you absolutely have to, right?) but is the second dinner during dancing another?

I'm getting married next summer and we have the options for wedding enhancements. One of them is absolutely going to be a second dinner during dancing.

It has to be fun food, though. Burgers, chicken wings, chicken fingers, etc. People are in the party mood from the music and dance floor, it can't be 'elegant" food.

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