Is This New Wedding Shower Idea Rude?
Things are changing when it comes to weddings, not even mentioning the COVID-19 pandemic that. I'm talking about some of the more traditional small details. You're seeing less people get married in a church, less couples give favors at their reception, more people doing stags AND bachelor …
Great Idea BEFORE You Get Rid Of Your Greeting Cards
What do you do with all of your old greeting cards? I mean, the important ones. The ones you received for your anniversary, your wedding, birthdays. The ones that are from the most special people in your life. What do you do with them when you get them...
DEBATE: Should My Friend Send The Wedding Money Back?
How do you think that this should play out here?

One of our college friends got married this Summer to a longtime girlfriend.
They went away on their honeymoon.
8 days later, they told some of us that they were getting divorced.

Now, here's where the debate came in last night...

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