Married At The Bills Game
Kaitlyn and Gerald invited everyone that was drinking beers and gearing up for the home opener at the Buffalo Bills game to come to their wedding....right at the tailgate.
The had one requirement: to be loud and rowdy.
You're Invited...
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Wedding At The Bills Game!
You're Invited!
Kaitlin & Gerald's Wedding
11:00 a.m., Sunday
Danny's Lot at Big Tree and Abbott
Wear Bills gear
Rowdy and loud is what they want! This just solidifies that the Bills have the greatest fans on earth. Kaitlyn Floyd and Gerald Holmes are obvio…
Would You Use A Wedding Hashtag Service? - New At Noon
Wedding hashtags have really become huge over the last couple years.  Brides and grooms use them for social media grouping of pictures and announcements.  But if you’re recently engaged you want something that’s going to stand out from the rest.  That&C…
From Real Cheese
I thought I've seen it all at weddings.  I've seen some strange things go on, people wearing different things, but I've never heard of this.  A hot trend in Wisconsin is apparently to have a wedding cake made of cheese.
Buffalo Area Wedding DJ’s [LIST]
If you know someone that is getting married, lets get their brain jogging with some of the most popular DJ's and companies in Western New York.
In no particular order, here is a one-sheet list you can start calling to plan your big day...

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