Eric Van Houten is not your typical country artist; normally he plays concerts featuring a mix of country and rock music. And sometimes, during those concerts, he will make a wager with someone in the audience, auctioning off his musical skills.

Van Houten is from Buffalo, but now he works on his country music in Nashville, and performing live is deeply important for him as an artist.

“Our live show is where I really get to connect with the crowd and create an experience for them to never forget,” Van Houten said. “I have always worked hard to make that connection.”

Credit: Chad Henning Sr.

That connection was made between Van Houten and Chad Henning Sr. on August 12 when Van Houten performed in Leroy, NY.

To what was simply another show to Van Houten meant the world to Chad Henning Sr. and his fiancé, Karlee. 

“I had the pleasure to meet Eric Van Houten in concert,” Henning Sr. said. “He challenged me to a shotgunning race.”

The deal? If Chad Henning Sr. won the shotgunning race, Eric Van Houten would play at his wedding. 

“If I lose this shotgun, I will play y’all’s wedding, I promise,” Van Houten said before the race.


Credit: Chad Henning Sr.

The win is still fresh for Henning Sr., and in a way, it’s hard to believe that this really happened at a Van Houten concert, but if you know Buffalo native Eric Van Houten, you would know how much he prioritizes his live shows and uses it as a way to connect with his audience like never before.

Henning Sr. was already excited for the wedding, but having Van Houten perform on the couple’s big day is something that cannot be topped.


Credit: Chad Henning Sr.


“It’s going to be one heck of a wedding!” Henning Sr. said.

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