It really is the City of Good Neighbors.

There were over 40 couples who were all set to get married. All of them were going to be having their wedding and / or reception at the Hotel Henry in Buffalo.

Then suddenly the Hotel Henry closed in February and said that they will not only not be able to host weddings, but nobody would be getting any of their money back. A really dirty move by the previous owners of the Hotel Henry wouldn't you say? It is supposed to be the happiest day of their lives and you are taking their money and running rather than making it right.

Enter Douglas Jemal. He is a real estate developer who is well known in Western New York, who also was pardoned by President Trump before he left office.  Jemal does not even own the Hotel Henry and the Richardson Complex in Buffalo (yet) and he came 'out of nowhere' and saved the day.

Last night at the Hotel Henry, Jemal passed out checks to 40 couples who had their wedding reception deposit money taken away from them by the previous owners of the Hotel. All in all, there was over $140,000 given out to the couples that are expected to get married. Some couple's deposits were far more than others. Jemal is in the process of buying the Hotel, but he is about 30 days away from finalizing the deal.

You can imagine how emotional it was for some couples who thought they were just never going to see that money again.

We were just floored because it came out of nowhere. He doesn't owe anybody anything as far as this is concerned. To see this coming from the kindness of his heart really makes you believe in the city of good neighbors and gives you closure in the least," said Lee Brenon of Cheektowaga according to WGRZ.

It truly can be the City of Good Neighbors.

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