It is the biggest day of most women's lives: their wedding day.

Everything has to be perfect and when you look back at all of your pictures, it brings back all of the wedding day memories.

BUT, what if you had the chance to wear THIS. A bridal shop in Western New York, Bliss Bridal in Hamburg has a wedding gown with a Josh Allen jersey that is donned over the top. Now, Buffalo has all the feelings right now. The hype is real, but just because the Buffalo Bills are buzzing and they have won their first playoff game in over 25 years, do you wear this on your wedding day?

Most would say no.

We tossed the question to Val this morning during Clay and Company because she is getting married soon: Would you wear this in order to get your entire wedding for free.

Now, it is not uncommon for Buffalo Bills fans to incorporate their favorite team on their wedding day. In fact, they make Buffalo Bills' blazers for guys as well. Getting married at Bills Stadium is something a lot of couples choose to do when they get married. If not their vows, many receptions are held there and the Bills have all the info listed on their website if you are interested.

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