What do you do with all of your old greeting cards? I mean, the important ones. The ones you received for your anniversary, your wedding, birthdays. The ones that are from the most special people in your life. What do you do with them when you get them? Do you save them or throw them out after a few days?

We started talking about that this morning because Clay has had all of his birthday cards still from about a month ago and he wants to throw them out because he feels guilty. There are people like Clay who feel a special connection to each one and then there are other people who just read them and toss the cards right in the trash.

You probably don't want to keep EVERY. SINGLE. CARD. So, when we were talking about this on the air one listener called and said that she started to scan the card to the computer and she has them all in an organized folder. It's a neat idea you still have the cards to always read, but they aren't taking up space. Plus, if you ever need to find a card it's actually probably easier if you label them.

If you save them, how long do you save them for? Do you only save certain people's cards? Is it cool looking back at all the cards you HAVE saved years later?

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