There is a new push to ban the sale, and advertising of, menthol flavored cigarettes in portions of New York State.

Smoking is a very hard habit to kick. As a former smoker, it took running and training for a 5k race to help stop smoking. Even after I put my last smoke down, when I see someone smoking or smell cigarette smoke, I feel the temptation.

But the benefits of not smoking FAR outweigh being a smoker.

In Buffalo, New York, there is a new push to advance a ban on the sale of menthol cigarette.

If you smoke menthol cigarettes, there may be a new law coming that would ban the sale of them in the United States. This has become a heated topic on social media as President Biden's administration is seeking to eliminate menthol flavored cigarettes.

The proposal and eventual ban of the sale of menthol cigarettes has become a bigger social issue for some as well.

For more than two years we have heard politicians and health officials say that their main priority is to keep Americans safe. Here ins New York State, the Governors, Cuomo and now Hochul, have placed heavy restrictions on business and protocols for New Yorkl residents from schools to public transportation with safety and public health in mind. There are some who argue that as long as cigarettes are not banned in New York State, government is not going all in on public health. In fact, the New York State tax on cigarettes makes a ton of money for the state. The argument can be made that the State of New York is making money off of people's unhealthy addiction to cigarettes.

Will a ban on menthol flavored cigarettes mark the beginning of the end for tobacco in the United States? Possibly. The CDC states that those who start smoking at a young age, start with menthol.

More than half (54%) of youth ages 12-17 years who smoke use menthol cigarettes.
A nationwide study showed that among smokers who started smoking as young adults (over age 18), a majority first started smoking using menthol cigarettes.

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