At WYRK, we know that Buffalo is alive with football fever. The hometown boys are taking the field every week, and the city essentially shuts down at 1:00 every Sunday.

Everyone has their opinion on the game, and we mean everyone. But there is one contingent we rarely hear from--Buffalo moms. So we're shining a spotlight on them in's the year of the Buffalo MOMfia!

Each week we'll talk to one Buffalo mom to get their impressions about the game. What did you see on the field? In the stands? What did your family do? How did your kiddos react? Whatever you saw during the game, we want to hear about it!

Enter your name below and you could be featured on Clay & Company Monday after the game! We'll call you, and you'll have the spotlight to yourself on Buffalo's #1 morning show to talk about your opinions on the game. Sorry dads--this one is JUST for Buffalo moms!

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