Professional football is big business, making the NFL, team owners, and players multi-millionaires year after year.

You only have to take a look at how much money the NFL earns in revenue annually to see exactly how big the business is.

According to a report by Sportsbrief, the NFL is the richest sports league in the world, worth approx. $10 billion in 2023. In order to earn those big bucks every year, the league has to continuously raise the bar when it comes to the product it produces: world-class entertainment.

That entertainment is more than what we see on the gridiron every weekend. It also includes all of the league-related activities we see on TV and hear on the Radio, the facts and figures we look up on our mobile devices, and all of the ancillary things we encounter when attending a game at the stadium.

All of this is one of the reasons we see teams raising the bar every year to bring you bigger and better options when you are going to watch your favorite team live.

This, of course, is not equal across the NFL. While some teams have top-notch stadium facilities and venues, others fall a tad short. The quality of NFL stadiums varies across the league, and it appears that a few teams are scraping the bottom of the barrel when it comes to high-quality stadiums.

Highmark Stadium In Buffalo Recently Ranked One Of The Worst In The NFL

Every year around this time, USA Today releases a list of the best and worst stadiums in the NFL, and guess which team that is based in New York ranks very close to the bottom?

It shouldn't be too hard to figure this out since there is only 1 New York NFL team.

Who Has The Best NFL Facility In The Country?

Sitting at the top of the charts with the best stadium in the league just happens to be the NFL team with the most championships in league history, the Green Bay Packers.

Chicago Bears v Green Bay Packers
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Lambeau Field sits just outside downtown Green Bay and is sometimes called Titletown. It has the distinction of being the best facility in the league. According to USA Today, the stadium does a great job of blending old with new to earn this place the top spot.

What Team Has The Worst Stadium In The NFL?

According to the USA Today report, the Washington Commanders have the dubious distinction of having the worst facility in the entire league, and most professionals and sports fans agree wholeheartedly.

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As the report states, FedEx Field is literally falling apart, and there are plenty of injured fans and players alike to prove it. This leaves many people wondering what's happening in Washington, D.C., since this stadium is less than 30 years old, and there are much older stadiums that are in better condition.

So, Where Does Buffalo Fall On This List?

While Buffalo fairs are much better than Washington, it's not by much. Out of the 30 NFL stadiums, Buffalo sits in 6th worst stadium in the league.

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USA Today reported that one fan said that Highmark Stadium was a "garbage stadium surrounded by garbage fans." That quote was attributed to a Patriots fan, so we know better than to believe anything they say; however, anyone who has been to one of the newer NFL stadiums can agree that Highmark Stadium is definitely showing its age, and luckily for us, we'll have a new stadium before you know it.

Do you think the Bills stadium is that bad?

Sneak Peek at New Buffalo Bills Stadium

Construction has begun on the new state-of-the-art Buffalo Bills football stadium. If these artist renderings are any indication, it's going to be unlike anything New York has ever seen before.

Man Jumps Fence and Falls into the Hole Where New Stadium is Being Built

Highmark Stadium Through the Years

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