The combination of extremely low temperatures and thousands of people without power can create some dangerous situations for people who are trying to ride out the massive storm that has hit large parts of the midwest, rust belt, and east coast.

It has gotten very cold in Buffalo and Western New York, and adding white-out blizzard conditions has made caused many around the area to have to seek other forms of shelter in order to stay warm.

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Because of this, the City of Buffalo, Erie County, multiple other municipalities, and various non-profit agencies have partnered together to open several emergency shelters and warming centers across the area to give people a safe and warm place to go if they have lost power, or otherwise need help.

If you find yourself in a situation where you cannot stay safe and warm where you are, then you can stop by one of the following warming centers and emergency shelters that have been set up:

  • Akron Senior Center, 5691 Cummings Rd., Akron
  • Crittenden Fire Dept., 13415 Genesee St., Alden
  • Milgrove Fire Dept., 11621 Genesee St., Alden
  • Town Line Lutheran Church, 1159 Town Line Rd., Alden
  • Amherst Youth Center, 5005 Sheridan Dr., Amherst
  • Holy Cross, 412 Niagara St., Buffalo
  • Harbor House, 241 Genesee St., Buffalo
  • Elma Community Center, 3007 Bowen Rd., Elma
  • Jamison Road Fire Hall, 1071 Jamison Rd., Elma
  • Frontier Schools, Hamburg
  • Hamburg Senior Services, 4540 Southwestern Blvd., Hamburg
  • Marilla Community Center, 1810 Two Rod Rd., Marilla
  • Langford-New Oregon Volunteer Fire Hall, 3901 Langford Rd., North Collins
  • Orchard Park Middle School, 60 S. Lincoln Ave., Orchard Park
  • First Methodist Church, 207 Grove Street, Tonawanda
  • Hoover Elementary, 199 Thorncliff Rd, Tonawanda
  • Sheridan Park Fire Hall, 738 Sheridan Dr., Tonawanda
  • Brighton Fire Hall, 50 Jamaica Rd., Tonawanda
  • Kenilworth Fire Hall, 84 Hawthorne Ave., Tonawanda

You can also call 311 in Buffalo or 211 for additional information about shelters or if there are other shelters that aren't listed here.

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