Thirsty pub-goers all over Western New York can agree - local, craft beer is the best. 

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Craft beer is one of Western New York’s best exports. Sipping on a cold craft beer on a warm day is one of the best things about the springtime.

Besides being downright delicious, a great reason for ordering a local beer at happy hour is the boost it gives to the local economy. By buying a beer produced in Western New York, you’re putting money directly into the pocket of the brewers who made it. 

Although Buffalo is full of fantastic breweries (nearly 50 of them!) with amazing craft beer– Big Ditch, Resurgence, Other Half, just to name a few, not to mention hundreds of bars and pubs where you can grab a locally made pint of beer.

But if you’re looking for some great places for a pint outside of the 716, you should take a trip down the 90 and try some of these great spots just an hour away.

Looking For Great Craft Beer Close To Buffalo? Try Rochester

Buffalo is a booming town for craft beer, but you can also find some special brews you’ve never tried before right in Rochester, New York. This spring, why not take a short road trip and go exploring?

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If you’re a fan of local beer and looking for something new to try (and maybe some good food, too!) that isn’t too far away, try one of these great breweries and brewpubs right down the road in Rochester.

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