This Friday is Groundhog Day and while the world waits to see if Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow, there is a great weather predictor here in New York State.

Say Hi to Dunkirk Dave! this groundhog is the self-proclaimed World's Second-Longest Prognosticating Groundhog and he is here in New York State.

Dunkirk Dave along with his handler Bob have been predicting whether or not we will see six more weeks of winter for years.

Check out Dunkirk Dave in action last year.

Since 2014, Dunkirk Dave has only seen his shadow 3 times and has not seen his shadow seven times. That means 70% of the time since 2014, Dunkirk Dave has called for an early end to Winter.

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So will he see his shadow on Friday? The National Weather Service is calling for a mix of sun and clouds with a high near 38. If the sun is out, there is a chance that Dunkirk Dave could see his shadow and that would mean six more weeks of winter here in Western New York.

If you are not into groundhogs predicting the weather for you, there are some VERY Buffalo ways to predict how the weather is going to be.

Your Cheerios Are Not Frosted With Sugar

That is not sugar frosting your Cheerios, it is ice. You know the kind you scrape off your windshield in the morning. Frosted Cheerios means 6 more weeks of Winter.


Your Ice Cream cone melts too fast

Your Cherry Dip Twist ice cream from Kone King melts in just a couple of minutes. That means Spring will come early.


You have to take off your Winter boots in the garage

You still have to take off your Winter boots in the garage because your SO doesn't want salt and slush in the mudroom. Winter boots off in the garage mean 6 more weeks of Winter.


You Feel Every Pothole In WNY

Your vehicle bounced when you hit a pothole. That means the compacted snow in the pothole is melting and that means an early Spring.


Mark Poloncarz's Hair Moves.

Mark Poloncarz's hair moves in the wind. That means it is really gusty out and winter storms are still on the way. Six more weeks of Winter.


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