Spectrum users who pay for services that include Disney-owned products could be getting a rebate from the cable company soon.

According to the Buffalo News, Spectrum was going to start working on issuing the refunds within 48 hours of the two sides coming to an agreement. Both sides came together for a new deal last Monday evening so if you have Spectrum you should have already gotten your refund.

The refund will be or was issued as a credit on Spectrum users' latest statement.

The dispute grew so big that New York State Governor Kathy Hochul told the New York State Department of Public Service to make sure that refunds would be issued for consumers who were left without the channels during the dispute.

So how much can you expect to get back? It looks like there are conflicting reports on how much Spectrum users could be getting back as a credit. Most reports say $15 per account while The Rhino Times said that number was lowered to $6.

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If you already got your credit, How much did you get?

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