The Buffalo Bills will continue their run to the NFL playoffs this Saturday in Los Angeles against the Chargers.

The game will air nationally on the streaming service Peacock and in honor of the game, the streaming network will be holding a special viewing in Buffalo for Bills Mafia.

Peacock commissioned a new study that shows nearly 65% of Americans sneak away from gatherings to watch sports. They want to help the Bills Mafia sneak away and watch the game on Saturday.


Peacock is hosting a special party at The Banshee Irish Pub with the Peacock SNEAKEASY holiday lounge. The event will kick off at noon and go until the end of the game.

Inside the lounge, there were specials including a free gift-wrapping station for all your last-minute presents as well as holiday refreshments.

The Banshee Irish Pub is located at 257 Franklin Street in Buffalo.

As for the Bills, their playoff odds jumped to 71% after they beat Dallas this past Sunday.

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Heading into week 16, if Miami, Jacksonville, Cincinnati, or Indianapolis lose this weekend, the Bills would control their own destiny and would make the playoffs if they win all their remaining games.

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If for some reason the Bills were to lose one of the next three games and finish the season at 10-7, their playoff odds would be around 67%.

If the Bills were to go 1-2 over the next three games and finish at 9-8, their playoff odds would be less than 1%.

If the Bills were to go 0-3 they would finish at 8-9 and would miss the playoffs.

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