Golfers all across Western New York should be excited about this.

The Golf Dome in Tonawanda is expected to reopen tomorrow morning. The dome was blown down during the Christmas blizzard and crews have been working on repairing the facility and re-inflating the dome.

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During a meeting yesterday, the Town of Tonawanda supervisor announced that the dome will reopen on Saturday.

The restaurant attached to the golf dome is expected to re-open as well. A blower, which helps keep the dome inflated, was broken during the blizzard and that is what caused the dome to collapse. The other golf dome in Western New York remains closed.

The Golf Dome on Wehrle Drive also collapsed during the blizzard and crews are still working on repairing that facility.

According to their website, the golf store and restaurant are still open as they work on fixing the golf dome. Here is a video of the collapse back in December.  

The Golf Dome in Tonawanda is expected to reopen at 8:30 am tomorrow morning.

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