If people from Buffalo had to choose just one of their famous foods to have for the rest of their lives, what would it be? We asked everyone in Western New York and got the top answers.

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Buffalo is known as "the city of good neighbors." It should also be known as the city of good food. After all, it's been ranked as one of the top food cities in the world by multiple publications over the years. Rightfully so, too.

Buffalo is a melting pot, pun intended, of cultural dishes. Polish, German, Irish, Italian, Hispanic, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Greek, and so many more. Generations of different cultures have moved to WNY throughout its history, giving it a deep tradition of cuisine.

Of course,e there are also the things that everyone knows Buffalo for. Wings, Beef on 'Weck, Pizza, Sponge Candy, Longanberry, Sahlen's hotdogs, Perry's Ice Cream, Weber's Mustard, and there's definitely more than just those.

What would happen though if you could only have one Buffalo food for the rest of your life? Of course, this would never happen, but it's a good test of what people in WNY love the most when it comes to their food. We put this question on Facebook and got a TON of responses:

So what were the top answers? We narrowed it down to 3, which if we're being honest isn't at all surprising but shows you the deep love people here have for their staple dishes.

The One Food People Would Choose in Buffalo, New York

If you had to choose just one Buffalo food for the rest of your life, what would it be? We asked everyone in Western New York and got the top answers.

Now, this wasn't all the vote getters. These were the top 3. There were others that got votes. Some made sense, some not so much. Join the conversation above! Also, check out these reviews of Buffalo food.

Here's where I got the cover photos from, BTW:

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