Cheektowaga, NY is home to nearly 90,000 people and a memorable nickname. Where, though, did the nickname "CheektaVegas" actually come from? We'll take a look at the town, its history, and how we got to it.

About Cheektowaga, NY

It was originally named by the Seneca people  "Chictawauga," which means land of crabapples. Not a very prolific thing to be named after some might say. However, that's the origin. Cheektowaga is the second-largest suburb of Buffalo, New York. It is home to the Buffalo-Niagara International Airport, the Walden Galleria Mall, the village of Sloan, and about half of the village of Depew.

Famous people from Cheektowaga include actor William Fichtner, NBA player Andrew Anderson, Professional Bowlers Liz Johnson and Ryan Ciminelli, and actress Chelsea Noble who is married to Kirk Cameron.

Cheektowaga's twin city overseas is Łowicz, Poland. That's very fitting as it has a high population of Polish ancestry.

Cheektowaga Traditions

Cheektowaga has always received a lot of attention locally and nationally. It's known for having pink Flamingos on front lawns. The Cheektowaga Living Room, a living room set up in a home's garage, is a staple in Western New York. It's also a good idea, when you think about it, for hosting parties. The name Cheektowaga is eye-catching to many in national media. They often associate the entire Western New York community with the town as it is generally perceived as blue-collar with its post-World War II era housing. It is a fun name to say and broadcasters from the national media enjoy using it.

Why Cheektowaga, New York is Called "CheektaVegas"

Cheektowaga, New York is home to one of the most well-known nicknames in the region and around the country: "CheektaVegas."

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Why is it nicknamed that, though? Why is Cheektowaga called CheektaVegas by so many people? It does not have Casinos. Aside from the Galleria Mall, there are no major venues for sports, live music, or theater. Elvis didn't live there. Yet, for years this has been the nickname for the sprawling suburb.

To find an answer, we went to Facebook and asked you, the people of Western New York and beyond, where it came from. We received a lot of interesting answers. From valid theories to, well, not-so-valid ones.


The answers are interesting and perplexing, and in some cases, they appeared to be credible. Here's a summary of the best, worst, and most interesting ones.

Why Cheektowaga, New York is Called "CheektaVegas"

Cheektowaga, NY is home to nearly 90,000 people and a memorable nickname. Where, though, did the nickname "CheektaVegas" actually come from?

So there you have it. At least, I think. Did I get it wrong? Let me know! @PMBuffalo on Twitter.

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